Projection - Projektion

Event Projectors

High Power and High Resolution Projectors

up to Full HD -2 K - 4 K

Lightengine LCD-Panels or DLP-Chips

up to 40.000 ANSI-Lumens


Lightsource Discharge Lamps - Xenon Lamps - Laser LED-Chips

Panasonic 3-Chip DLP
Fair Nuremberg Frontale - Front - Rear Projections

Office Projectors

Smaller leightweight Units up to 5.000 ANSI-Lumens

up to Full HD Resolution

LCD or DLP 1-Chip Engines


Rear Projection Screen
Vienna Austria Center - ERA-EDTA Congress - Rear Projection

Screens for Front - Rear - Projection

Screens different sizes for front and or rear projection

Wall mounted or mounted on stands


Formats 16 : 9, 4 : 3 or custom made

Double Projection Softedge - Mediaserver
Fair Dusseldorf Medica - Esprit Arena - Projection Softedge

Screens for Outdoor-Use

Blow-up Screens for Outdoor use

Open Air Cinema

Air Screen portable inflatable
Air Screen portable inflatable