Creative LED

Flexible LED Panels

Highly flexible panels for special shapes


up to 5,9 mm pixelpitch for extreme curving

flexible LED screens 5,9 mm pixelpitch
Vienna Austria Center - ERA-EDTA Congress - flexible screens

Curvable LED Panels

Highresolution panels for vivid and 3-dimensional shapes


Waves, convex and concave bodies


Circles, cylinder, Caves

LED Screen curvable +- 10° Pixelpitch 3,9 mm
LED Screen curvable +- 10° Pixelpitch 3,9 mm

LED Floor

LED Panels for seamless flooring


High resolution up to 6,2 mm Pixelpitch


High load capacity up to 2 to per sqm.

even for cars and other heavy exhibits

LED floor Highresolution 6,2 mm Pixelpitch
Vienna Austria-Center ERA-EDTA Congress - LED floor highres

LED Curtain

LED Panels in flexible shape for special moulding.


Different resolutions available.


Objects like curtains, ceiling - and many more.