Events are mostly based on Audiovisual technology, staging, lighting and Big Pictures.

Either Projection systems or LED screens for indoor and outdoor use.

We offer the optimized solution for your presentation, sports event, concert and many more -

however your audience and wherever your location is.


Public Viewing - Flughafen München - Munich Airport - MAC Munich Airport Center - WM 2010 - Screen Lighthouse R7-ER 

Events - Concerts - Open Air - Cinema

Lighthouse R7-ER
Southside Festival - Open Air - Screens at Mainstage


Big Events - Concerts and Open Airs need big screens for reaching a huge audience. Perfect place for screens like Lighthouse R7-ER.

Digital Projection and inflatable Screen are great for Cinema Open Airs.

Public Viewing - Soccer - Sports

Lighthouse R7-ER - WM 2010
Public Viewing World Championship - Munich Airport MAC

Great Pictures, excitement and a lot of fun at common sport events - championships league - soccer - snow sports - equestrian sports - motor sports - summer sports - Olympic Games and a lot more

Congress - Presentation

Saab - Licht - Ton - Video
Car Presentation - Flugwerft Schleißheim - Private Aviation

Nice Places for Introducing new products and services.

A perfect ambience pushed by perfect pictures, sound and lighting make a great event

and a lasting memory.